FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Registration and housing allocation

No. The place of residence can be reserved per application form for a maximum of one whole academic year (= September until the end of June).

Students and prospective students who have reached the age of 18.

Yes, for a place in a twin room, subject to approval by the Kolpinghaus. And your legal guardian will need to give their consent during registration.

Housing is generally assigned in the order in which the complete registration documents are received, according to the “first-come, first-served” principle. However, renewal requests from existing house residents will be given preference.

Rooms are usually assigned starting in mid-April.

Yes! One study semester (five months from September until and including January (winter semester) or from February until and including June (summer semester))

Yes, if this has been cleared with the Kolpinghaus in advance. However, relocations might be necessary during the summer vacations because of maintenance work.

Yes. The residence is usually available from September 1, to June 30.

Allocation is primarily based on gender. We will also consider criteria such as field of study, nationality, etc., if possible.

Room furnishings / Kolpinghaus

Yes. Please let us know when you register that you also need a garage parking space.

Smoking is forbidden in both houses.

Wi-Fi use is free of charge for house residents. Please see item 11 of our House Rules for more details about the internet.

Yes. However, we will provide brooms, vacuum cleaners, etc. if needed.


For move-in loading activities, you may enter the campus via the bollard system during reception hours. During unloading, the car can be parked in the designated parking areas in front of the main building.  However, you may not stop or park the car between our two houses.

Advance tours are usually possible. However, the visited room is to be understood as a sample room. 

We will gladly try to fulfill room requests as much as possible, but we cannot honor specific room commitments. You are not entitled to a particular room.  We offer accommodation in single or double rooms.

Move-out / Termination

Yes, in writing, effective at the end of the month and subject to the three-month notice period. For more details, see the house rules. However, please note the minimum stay of one study semester!  An early termination is not provided for a stay of only one study semester!

No, that is strictly prohibited. 

No, the minimum stay is one semester of study.

The notice period is different.
Living space = 3 months Garage space = 1 month

Deposit / Payment / Cancellation

Erst durch fristgerechte Überweisung der erforderlichen Kaution, ist der Wohnplatz fixiert.

The deposit is 450 euros and serves as security for the provided residential unit and its inventory.

If you register during the first quarter, the deadline is May 31. For later registrations, the deadline will be announced with the reservation confirmation.

By individual agreement. As a rule of thumb, you can assume a roughly two-week period after the reservation confirmation is received.

At the reception desk after the room is taken over on the move-out day, or by bank transfer after moving out.  The deposit is usually returned in full, provided there are no complaints or outstanding claims on the part of the Kolpinghaus while the room is being taken over.

In this case we need a written cancellation from you.

Yes. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the time and reason of the cancellation (for details see the house rules).

No. There are no costs for the residence in addition to the flat rate.


Please find out here about our current Covid measures that must be followed when arriving and during your stay at the Kolpinghaus Campus Krems. (information status as of June 10, 2021)

Safe hospitality without stress and worries
Even in this demanding time, we want you to experience a safe hospitality without stress and worries with us. We take care of this and, with your help, we would like to take all necessary measures to protect our guests and employees.

Please note that as of May 19, 2021 you are legally required to have an official negative Corona test, a vaccination certificate (valid from 22 days after the first vaccination up to 9 months), or a confirmation that you have already had COVID-19 (up to 6 months after the disease) to stay in our Kolping House.

The following applies as proof:
an official negative corona test, a vaccination certificate (valid from 22 days after the first vaccination up to 9 months) or a confirmation of a COVID-19 illness (up to 6 months after the illness).

The Corona tests are currently valid for:

Self-test with digital solution:
Antigen test:
PCR test:

24 hours
48 hours
72 hours

Self-test with digital solution: 1 day (24 hours)
Antigen test: 2 days (48 hours)
PCR test: 3 days (72 hours)

New Corona tests during the stay:
After the expiration of the validity of the entry tests, access to the cafeteria (breakfast buffet) is not allowed. To gain access to the breakfast buffet, new Corona tests are required. Self-tests controlled by us on site are possible, but for this you must allow sufficient time before breakfast!

Please present the CORONA entry certification at check-in. You must do this to be given a key!

If you plan to arrive outside our opening hours for reception, the CORONA entry certification must be emailed to us well in advance (no later than one hour before reception closes on the day of arrival). Otherwise, we can’t deposit the key in the key safe for you and you can’t check in!

We charge a fee for short-term cancellations or no-shows that occur because CORONA entry certifications were transmitted late or not at all. However, short-term cancellations due to a positive admission test result will not incur a charge.

General COVID-19 protective measures in our Kolpinghaus FFP2 masks are mandatory in the general areas. All persons besides family or group members must remain at least one meter apart. Furthermore, all recommended measures to prevent the further spread of the Corona virus in our Kolpinghaus – for your and our protection – will be implemented to the best of our ability.

Registration is mandatory for all persons entering Austria. You can register via the Pre-Travel Clearance Form 72 hours or less before your planned entry into Austria. For information on entering Austria: www.austria.info/de/service-und-fakten/coronavirus-situation-in-oesterreich/einreise-nach-oesterreich

Thank you and stay healthy!